Friday, 31 May 2013

Few Things You Need to Know Before you Get Fitted Wardrobes

Hello and Welcome, we are explaining you here in brief that you should know few things before you get fitted wardrobes which will help you to save your time and money. These are as follows:

Colour: Try to select the colour which you looking for before you call any designer. It will be help both you and designer to give you more choices in that colour. On an average around 20 colours are available in the market but we do more then 80 colours to choose from. You can check more on Color Range for Fitted Wardrobes

Their are two types of options available Matt Finish and Gloss Finish. Its up to your liking that type of finish you want.

Door Design: Do remember design on the door matters a lot because normally its going to the cover the whole wall. So you need to know are you looking for. Plain Decent doors or You need Groves on the door.

Rough Price: Before Calling any designer of the company. You need to know what is going to be rough Price so it would not waste your time when you will see the designer. You can arrange visit with us. We will give you call, If you have rough measurements we are happy to give you rough price of your wardrobes.

Internals : Internals is also very important part of any fitted wardrobes. If you have some idea that what internals you looking for, it will save your lot of time.


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