Saturday, 22 March 2014

Alcove Fitted Wardrobes

Alcove Fitted wardrobes are the right choice for those faced with the problem of fitting freestanding wardrobes in their rooms due to the obstacles created by chimney breasts. These fitted wardrobes effectively hideaway all the lumps and bumps of the wall behind sliding doors and cabinets.

The Sliding doors units in such spaces proves to be of more use and provides greater amount of storage options including space for hanging clothes, folded items, extra overhead storage for bulkier items like suitcases and more making the fitted wardrobe unit more useful

In today’s time with so much of clothes and stuff we expect to have deeper cupboards. Freestanding wardrobes are not an option either due to their higher price points or due to the bulky appearance they give to a room. Alcove fitted wardrobes on the other hand have half their depth hidden in the alcove which makes them look less obtrusive and more a part of the house and match the room’s decor.

We, at Smiths, provide you with a low costing and high quality wardrobe solution to suit your needs while not digging in too deep in to your pockets. The designs are custom made as per your requirements so that you are fully satisfied.

Fitted wardrobes provides best designs for Alcove Fitted Wardrobes


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